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Since the demise of Viewranger, I am trialling other apps until I find one I feel happy with. It seems that people are gradually moving over to Outdooractive, although they are asking Viewranger users like myself to waive their right to sue over the loss of their legacy map purchases. I signed this and it is fair to say that I have regretted it ever since, so keep an eye on the sidebar of this blog for changes to my other site links.

I have not done much route recording during the pandemic anyway, except some short strolls around Edinburgh. At present there are over 60 published routes on Outdooractive, arranged into 5 different collections, including Edinburgh, Leith, the Scottish Borders and Northumberland, but I may move to a different app.


Bad Apples

One of the things that my discussions with various people about trolling has made me realise, is that it is important to remember why you started writing.

So, the reasons for starting this blog in 2012 were manifold; I love walking and the countryside, where my walking started over 20 years ago. I also wanted to learn about wild camping, to set myself some outdoor challenges and to celebrate the lives of friends and family I had lost.

Because of a little gang of hill trolls on Twitter, who targeted every walk I did – to remember my mum, my cousins, my aunt and my tutor – with malicious tweets and emails, my aims are now more selfish. I am focusing on work, self care, and rediscovering my love of the outdoors, without censoriousness from these trolls who seem to flourish on Twitter. They believe they know best about everything. but I can’t help noticing that the people who really do know best about the outdoors hardly ever behave like this. 

I have struggled to name the people involved for some reason, so, in the interests of other women and girls in the outdoor community, the ringleaders were retired “family man” Geoff Crowther (FarnotFast, geoffcrowther1), “retired teacher” Chrissie Crowther (ChrissieDixie, Woofbags, chrissiepebbles) and “homelessness advocacy worker” James Boulter (Backpackingbongos, bpackingbongos). Other names and screenshots available on request.


Because I need to focus on work after a period of settling in to my new home in Scotland, I will be shifting back to the free WordPress plan, so you may notice some changes when my domain reverts to All being well I hope to continue writing up my long distance walking here in this beautiful country.

Rucksack Rosie – First Avatars 2012.

..and breathe

Finally, after months of lockdown walking in and around the city (see Edinburgh Exploits, City Strolls and Leith Loping)) I finally made it back into the hills outwith Edinburgh for the first time since the end of February last year, and what a relief it was! My cabin fever had become really severe, and I did often dream of just taking off with my backpack. Sense finally prevailed following a nightmare in which I was featured in the tabloid papers as a dangerous miscreant.

Anyway, I hope you are surviving, and here are some pics of my walk with friends in Midlothian this week – which is a start.

International Women’s Day

Happy hiking to women walkers on this International Women’s Day 🌹

Rob Roy Way near Aberfoyle, Scotland

Rosie with an i

FYI I am now Rucksack Rosie with an i, rather than Rucksack Rose on all my sites, so the link to my website has changed to just because it feels friendlier somehow. I am not a tech specialist but this may mean you will need to refresh your website links. My YouTube site is also now named Rucksack Rosie, although the link to it remains the same. Otherwise I am gradually editing the links in my blog so that they continue to work. If you find any broken links let me know. Thanks very much for your continued company.

Scottish Day Walks

For information, I have divided up my Scottish day walks into geographical walks and themed walks.

Under geographical walks so far there are some new sections entitled Border Beats, Edinburgh Exploits, City Strolls and Leith Loping. Under themed walks there is a section called Perthshire Protection about outdoor conservation work. I look forward to adding to and expanding all these in the fullness of time.

Looking across towards the Cairngorms from the Speyside Way near Aviemore

Obviously the walks I can do at the moment are limited by the present restrictions, but they may appeal to other people in the same situation.

Exploring Edinburgh

Although these are strange and difficult times, there is some consolation in having the time to explore Edinburgh more – away from the main thoroughfares. It is a such a good way of getting to know and love my new home, as well as keeping things in perspective.

Take it Home

Most outdoor people and bloggers want everyone to enjoy the outdoors, but please respect the places that you go walking, whether it is the local park or the countryside.

Check the Scottish Outdoor Access Code for Scotland or the Countryside Code for England. Leave no trace of your visit so that you don’t spoil a day out for the next visitors. If you always remember to take a few rubbish bags out with you, it is easy to take your rubbish home with you after your walk. Simples.

Pentland Pootling

The Pentland Hills lay just beyond my radius when I was living on the border, so I was glad when a walking friend offered to introduce me to this lovely area in January of this year. The area is a straightforward bus journey from Edinburgh. I was just on the verge of venturing out to feature the area on this blog when the restrictions were introduced, so this is just a taster of an area I hope to focus on in future posts. I hope you are safe and well.

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