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Welcome to Rucksack Rosie – award winning sites of outdoor, hiking, gear and camping content, mainly from the Scotland and the north of England. Check the sidebar for my other site links The main aims of all my sites are:

  • to create welcoming places for outdoor users
  • to share my passion for the outdoors
  • to encourage outdoor achievement
  • to entertain, inspire and inform
  • to minimise my environmental footprint

As well as written content, they also contain photos, videos, maps, data sheets and site links. Like many bloggers, financial support or sponsorship would enable me to produce more new content, but I am presently maintaining my existing RR sites and adding occasional posts..

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You can presently find me at:

Website: rucksackrosie.wordpress.com Hiking & outdoor content
YouTube: Rucksack Rosie Walking & camping videos.

My Website

Presently some pages are arranged by type such as trails and camps, while others are arranged by area with the most recent post first.

Cuthbert's Cave
Cuthbert’s Cave, near Holburn, Northumberland

Further Information.


My sites are for and about hiking and the outdoors.

If you disagree with anything I write, I welcome constructive criticism but not trolling. Personally I have no wish to put people off entering the outdoors or achieving their goals. I am a developing outdoor person with strengths and weaknesses like everyone else, but I do take my responsibilities to provide good advice seriously.

Derogatory or abusive people on any platform will be blacklisted and blocked on all my sites. Any form of persistant trolling, harassment or gang stalking will be reported.

Age appropriateness.

As far as I am aware the content of my sites is suitable for all ages, but I would not recommend camping or hiking if you are under 18 unless you have discussed it with a parent or carer first. There are some good courses aimed at preparing young people for the outdoors. In Scotland Mountaineering Scotland and in England and Wales the BMC are good starting points for advice.

Pocket kit
Pocket kit

Knife law.

Most of my kit lists include a small folding penknife. It is wise to check the laws relating to knives in whichever country you are in. More information about British law can be found on the British Government website.


Kit lists are included mainly to satisfy curiosity. They are not intended to be prescriptive and inclusion is not necessarily an endorsement of the product or company. It is in the nature of these lists that information goes out of date as products change, so I have included dates on all my kit lists.

Backpacking Kit 2017

Gear Reviews.

If I review gear, I will have used and tested it for a reasonable period of time and will explain my relationship with the company. Kit reviews are usually deleted after a couple of years as models change.


When I am out walking I use all sorts of accommodation such as campsites, YHA and independent hostels, bunkhouses, camping barns, B&B and the occasional hotel. There are downloadable data sheets on my trail write ups where applicable so you can see where I stayed. Obviously places don’t stay the same, so any comments can only be accurate at the time of posting.

Berwick Hostel, Northumberland / Scottish Borders


The content featured on my sites is copyright, but I am fairly approachable. If you would like to get in touch about using any of it, please use the contact form.


Some of my Northumberland day routes come from a book by Edward Baker, which no longer seems to be in print, called ‘Walks in the Secret Kingdom’. Baker’s book ‘Walking in the Cheviots’ was still available last time I checked.

The maps which appear on this site are by Ordnance Survey and Google Maps. Route images are from the LDWA, Walk Highlands and The National Trust. I try to acknowledge the source/s in the captions, which I hope is acceptable to the companies concerned.

Wild flowers & grasses
Wild flowers and grasses, England Coast Path near Souter Lighthouse


I may revise this information in the event of any queries or issues arising. Remember that outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and climbing can involve risk.

Now all that is out of the way, thanks for visiting. Rosie.