Bad Apples

One of the things that my discussions with various people about trolling has made me realise, is that it is important to remember why you started writing.

So, the reasons for starting this blog in 2012 were manifold; I love walking and the countryside, where my walking started over 20 years ago. I also wanted to learn about wild camping, to set myself some outdoor challenges and to celebrate the lives of friends and family I had lost.

Because of a little gang of hill trolls on Twitter, who targeted every walk I did – to remember my mum, my cousins, my aunt and my tutor – with malicious tweets and emails, my aims are now more selfish. I am focusing on work, self care, and rediscovering my love of the outdoors, without censoriousness from these trolls who seem to flourish on Twitter. They believe they know best about everything. but I can’t help noticing that the people who really do know best about the outdoors hardly ever behave like this. 

I have struggled to name the people involved for some reason, so, in the interests of other women and girls in the outdoor community, the ringleaders were retired “family man” Geoff Crowther (FarnotFast, geoffcrowther1), “retired teacher” Chrissie Crowther (ChrissieDixie, Woofbags, chrissiepebbles) and “homelessness advocacy worker” James Boulter (Backpackingbongos, bpackingbongos). Other names and screenshots available on request.