Viewranger or Outdooractive?

I have been experimenting with both navigation apps for the last six months on my Edinburgh Exploits, City Strolls and Leith Loping routes which are regularly added to. The difference is that if I continue to record routes on Viewranger, they can easily be synched with Outdooractive, but people don’t get the additional features for creators or users. If I record my routes on Outdooractive, then Viewranger becomes a thing of the past. This leaves people who use my routes there to have access to my historic routes only, unless they move across to Outdooractive.

A quick reminder that Viewranger had two subscription tiers – Free and Premium, whereas Outdooractive has three subscription tiers – Basic, which is free, Pro, or Pro Plus. Further information is available on their websites. Remember also that the Viewranger app is no longer updating but is retaining existing routes.

To help me make the decision about which app to choose, or whether to struggle on with both, I have created this poll which will remain open until the 31st August 2021 after which I will announce the results. I welcome your views in the poll and via the moderated comments as I know some users, including myself, are still feeling cheesed off with losing their Viewranger maps bought in good faith.

Warning: Location based apps may be abused by gang stalkers.

4 thoughts on “Viewranger or Outdooractive?

  1. My aging and non tech brain is getting very confused by all of this. I too purchased the OS base maps for ViewRanger and also have credits to buy routes. This I think gives me a 1 year premium subscription. I’ve done something, although God knows what, which has syncronised my VR and Outdooractive accounts and seems to have given me a Pro subscription on Outdooractive, including the OS maps, I’m assuming until my VR subscription expires. I think VR is on the way out so I’m trying to get my head round Outdooractive as this seems to be the only way forward. VR has already indicated that their premium subscription will not be available for renewal.

    1. Hi Mike, Thanks for commenting. I have synched my VR account so hoping for the best. The problem with staying put is that I don’t think the VR app will be updating any more.

  2. I bought the complete OS 1:25000 series on ViewRanger, which I suspect I lose on Outdooractive.

    1. I feel your pain. I will lose a ton of maps which I thought I was buying ‘for life’ on Viewranger which is very depressing. I have learned the hard way that nothing on the internet is ‘for life’. As an appeasement they have given me a year free Pro+ subscription on Outdooractive worth about £60 but after that I will have to pay to have access to the mapped areas I had bought.

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