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As regular visitors will know, I am not in the habit of posting tent pictures for the sake of it, but I couldn’t resist a couple here. For people who like this sort of thing I have started a Camping Gallery as a memento of my trips.

As the sun is shining and I am stuck at home, I have been practising pitching my preloved Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid, in a non stealth shade of yellow sinylon, and sealing my old Force Ten tent. For the Duomid, after advice from several people, I used Colin’s method of attaching my two z poles together with cord, and Emma’s suggestion of using velcro to hold them together to form a support pole. The result works really well, and encourages me to use my poles more often.

Duomid 3
Mountain Laurel Designs Sinylon Duomid and 3F UL inner first pitch
Duomid II
Getting to grips with pitching and ground sheet

I have worked out how to attach the inner to the tent using the back three pegs and the result feels really palatial after my snug Force Ten (below). It takes up a lot of space once all the guy ropes are staked out, but I guess they add to the stability of the shelter. On advice from Daron, I made a Polycro (Double glazing film) ground sheet to go under the inner and into the porch. (See above).

I welcome any advice from other Duomid users, as I hope to continue using it over the coming months. For anyone who is interested, there is a good pitching video for the Duomid on Stick’s Blog YouTube channel.

Force Ten
Force Ten Helium Carbon 100 seam sealed
Duomid Pole
Creating a support for the Duomid from two Z poles.

With thanks to Colin, Emma, Daron, Stick and Matt.

2 thoughts on “Tent Talk

  1. I use 140 poles + the pole Jacks from Ron & MLD to pitch mine.
    I tend to pitch it around the 143 cm height. So the pole jacks work well.
    Also means that if it is blowing hard, I can double pole it.
    Been on sever trips including the TGOC in all conditions and it has been great.
    I have the luxury of an Oookworks inner, which is awesome.
    I always pitch back to the wind so it sheds well.
    I also hook the inner to the front rather than mid points. Seems to make it more stable. A bit of shock cord stops it being too taught.
    Same principle if you use the tie points on the panels to attach guys. Put a shock loop on them so that there is some give.
    Top tent the Duomid.
    For me, it’s either the Duo, or the Scarp 1.

    1. I am really converted to it and was pleased to discover that the midges don’t come under the bottom as they seem to do on other tarp tents. Oookworks inners look great,although I quite like having the mesh low down so I can see out

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