Her name was Mary

Mum. Rest in Peace

(….or why not to blog)

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There is a name for people like this, but it is not printable here. Someone has already leaked my refuge address to the people I was rescued from by a women’s charity, so it’s just all got out of control. If I find out who this is, they will be reported to the police I’m afraid. Someone seems to have had the insane idea that I would want to have any kind of communication with the guilty parties. Please note that I stopped reporting any historic issues in February 2020 after my father passed away, when my refuge address was leaked. This and various other issues have theoretically been between the police, housing and my solicitor – and NOT the U.N., the army, the airforce or the navy – since 2017. Move with the times.

Note: All my notifications are switched off.

“Beauty and the minus 45%”.

Bad Apples

One of the things that my discussions with various people about trolling has made me realise, is that it is important to remember why you started writing.

So, the reasons for starting this blog in 2012 were manifold; I love walking and the countryside, where my walking started over 20 years ago. I also wanted to learn about wild camping, to set myself some outdoor challenges and to celebrate the lives of friends and family I had lost.

Because of a little gang of hill trolls on Twitter, who maliciously targeted every walk I did – walks to remember my beloved mum, two of my cousins, my aunt and my tutor – my aims are now more selfish. I am focusing on work, self care, and rediscovering my love of the outdoors, without censoriousness from these trolls, who seem to flourish on Twitter. They believe they know best about everything. but I can’t help noticing that the people who really do know best about the outdoors hardly ever behave like this. 

I have struggled to name the people involved for some reason, so, in the interests of other women and girls in the outdoor community, the ringleaders were “retired teacher” and “family man” Geoff Crowther (FarnotFast, geoffcrowther1), “retired teacher” Chrissie Crowther (ChrissieDixie, Woofbags, chrissiepebbles) and “homelessness advocacy worker” James Boulter (Backpackingbongos, bpackingbongos). Other names and screenshots available on request.

Her name was Mary 💐


Because I need to focus on work after a period of settling in to my new home in Scotland, I will be shifting back to the free WordPress plan, so you may notice some changes when my domain reverts to rucksackrosie.wordpress.com. All being well I hope to continue writing up my long distance walking here in this beautiful country.

Rucksack Rosie – First Avatars 2012.

..and breathe

Finally, after months of lockdown walking in and around the city (see Edinburgh Exploits, City Strolls and Leith Loping)) I finally made it back into the hills outwith Edinburgh for the first time since the end of February last year, and what a relief it was! My cabin fever had become really severe, and I did often dream of just taking off with my backpack. Sense finally prevailed following a nightmare in which I was featured in the tabloid papers as a dangerous miscreant.

Anyway, I hope you are surviving, and here are some pics of my walk with friends in Midlothian this week – which is a start.

Seizing the day

Although this continues to be a terrible period for many people, the vaccines and the lockdowns seem to be giving the people in Edinburgh an opportunity to reclaim their city for a while. Last week I realised that I may never see places like the Royal Mile without crowds again, so I have been exploring the old town.

I hope you will enjoy these short walks as the restrictions are lifted from tomorrow. Remember to follow the guidelines and leave no trace.

Rosie 🌹

International Women’s Day

Happy hiking to women walkers on this International Women’s Day 🌹

Rob Roy Way near Aberfoyle, Scotland

Walking on the Wild Side

For out of town readers, Edinburgh and most of Scotland is in full lockdown again. All residents must stay at home and only go out for essential journeys and local exercise. I would like to assure readers that ALL photos posted since the first lockdown, and any posted in the coming weeks, are taken during permitted exercise in my local area, as I don’t have a car, and haven’t used buses for quite a while.

As a distraction, these are some pics of the city gradually being reclaimed or re-wilded by nature, as ground maintenance contracts ground to a halt last Spring. I have found something uplifting about watching this process and seeing the distinction between town and country blurring just a little.

Please stay as safe as you can and follow the guidelines. 🌹

Respite Routes

I have added two new sections to my Edinburgh walks called City Strolls and Leith Loping which began with some of my lockdown walks around the city. They are mainly linear routes under 5 miles which could be made longer by returning to your starting point. They would suit anyone who just wants to get out of the house for exercise and a bit of vitamin D. These routes avoid busy roads as much as possible, and are all accessible by public transport or on foot.

Hopefully following the rules until we get the vaccine will mean that walkers and outdoor users can expect a return to some kind of normality soon.

Don’t forget to refresh your website links with my new domain rucksackrosie.wordpress.com with an i.

Rosie with an i

FYI I am now Rucksack Rosie with an i, rather than Rucksack Rose on all my sites, so the link to my website has changed to rucksackrosie.wordpress.com just because it feels friendlier somehow. I am not a tech specialist but this may mean you will need to refresh your website links. My YouTube site is also now named Rucksack Rosie, although the link to it remains the same. Otherwise I am gradually editing the links in my blog so that they continue to work. If you find any broken links let me know. Thanks very much for your continued company.

Scottish Day Walks

For information, I have divided up my Scottish day walks into geographical walks and themed walks.

Under geographical walks so far there are some new sections entitled Border Beats, Edinburgh Exploits, City Strolls and Leith Loping. Under themed walks there is a section called Perthshire Protection about outdoor conservation work. I look forward to adding to and expanding all these in the fullness of time.

Looking across towards the Cairngorms from the Speyside Way near Aviemore

Obviously the walks I can do at the moment are limited by the present restrictions, but they may appeal to other people in the same situation.